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Expoune, a new way to think about knowledge management

April 11, 2022

Welcome to Expoune or if the URL had been available — expound.

By definition, expoune presents and explains (a theory or idea) systematically and in detail. Expoune (the Company) uses client exchanges and interactions with customers to present and explain the customer’s status, opportunities, and risks.

The vision behind Expoune and the product’s unique benefits is to make every customer interaction count. Expoune helps users to maximize their business goals. With more customer interactions occurring digitally, Expoune simplifies postprocessing. Therefore, in the medium term, Expoune aims to streamline the digitization of customer observations in field service activities and facilitate the use of collected data as much as possible to benefit a field service operation. Expoune’s long-term vision is to provide complete coverage of all types of customer service interaction analysis. 

With Expoune in place, it’s a game-changer for the field service industry. Tap into and utilize insights to form a baseline for decision making within their organization and help improve field operations boost profitability while delighting the customer.

Expoune’s focus:

To that end, Expoune uses augmented Intelligence and workflows to build a knowledge graph, an ontology that depicts “knowledge in terms of entities, concepts, and their relationships.” 

Knowledge graphs developed from the need to do something with or act upon information based on context. Knowledge graphs are critical to machine learning so that AI processes can use the same information, as needed, for multiple situations. The of promise good training data for AI to learn new tasks is just one of the elements of collateral beauty that Expoune creates.

In data analytics, we’re always trying to connect the dots for the business. Expoune translates exchanges that happen every day between your organization and your customers into actionable data.

Insights where you need them.

The data within Expoune analytics dashboards can go beyond answering simple questions.  We take it further by analyzing unstructured data in intuitive and highly visual dashboards with management in mind.