Exceptional service experiences have to be business as usual

Customer service gets the job done.

What about the kind that makes them say "incredible"? Write a stellar review? Provide a testimonial?

Delivering successful service experiences on scale requires information and coordination.

The explication of insight, hidden within unstructured data, combined with cognitive automation, getting understanding where it needs to go — that's Expoune.

Collage depicting exceptional field service
Customer reaching business goal

Expoune eliminates the loss of valuable insight

By using Expoune, customer-facing business units can create solutions and tie actual results to objectives and key results (OKRs), so business owners can better understand how they perform against their operational business goals.

Customer Communication Intelligence

How work gets done has changed. Expanding the workforce beyond traditional workplaces opens challenges and opportunities for organizations. Expoune uses artificial intelligence to provide access to distributed knowledge in real-time. We’re fundamentally changing the way service gets done.

Customer looking at knowledge base
Field service customers utilizing data

Unlock Value in Every Day Field Data

Digital interactions and paperless documentation mean more data. You can unlock the value collected in the field daily.

Are you getting the message’s meat to the right audience? Through RPA, Expoune can automatically route information to the right audience(s). Expoune allows you to navigate service call notes, tech notes, call center notes and combine insights with the machine and financial data with its integrated discovery interface.

  • Integrate with existing operational systems
  • Enable further analysis is not possible without manual intervention
  • Improve root cause analysis
  • Enable predictive service analytics

Transform your customer’s experience

With Expoune in place, it’s a game-changer for the field service industry. Tap into and utilize insights to form a baseline for decision making within their organization and help improve field operations boost profitability while delighting the customer.

Depiction of monetizing a customer's experience